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How to fold the front seat down on Hyundai Veloster ?

Whether you are the new possessor of a Hyundai Veloster, have been lent one, or have rented one, you may not yet know all the particulars of this car. This is specifically the subject of this short post, we will help you to execute a basic but useful task on 3-door cars to be able to travel with more than 2 passengers. That’s why we are going to teach you how to fold a front seat on a Hyundai Veloster, w tym celu najpierw przyjrzymy się różnym ustawieniom przedniego siedzenia Twojego samochodu, a w drugim kroku the different methods to fold the front seat of a Hyundai Veloster..

The different front seat adjustments of an Hyundai Veloster

First of all, we’ll commence our short post by presenting the different adjustments available on the front seat of a Hyundai Veloster. Indeed, whether or not you want to fold one of your front seats on your car, you should know that based on the model of your car and its finish you will have have the possibility of using different settings, here are a good number of the settings you can find on your Hyundai Veloster:

  • Simple and crucial adjustment for driving without taking risks, this adjustment of the front seat of your Hyundai Veloster permits you to adapt the distance of the seat to the pedals to be able to conform to the size of each person’s legs.
  • This setting permits you to have a better ability to see of the road, for small people we typically elevate the seat and for big people to lower it.
  • Finally, the last “classic” setting is the seat inclination, not to be confounded with the control to fold the seat of a Hyundai Veloster, this setting will allow you, based upon the length of your arms, to have the right driving position without tiring to reach the controls


  • The lumbar support: On some series, you will in addition be able to change the lumbar support given by your seat by pressing down on the backrest, a very pleasant adjustment for long trips.
Gdzie znaleźć bezpiecznik świateł postojowych w Hyundai Veloster ?

How do you fold the front seat down from a Hyundai Veloster?

Po zidentyfikowaniu wszystkich ustawień fotela, w tej części pomożemy ci fold down the front seat of your Hyundai Veloster. Please bear in mind that according to the number of doors on your car the procedure will not be the same. Whether you want to fold down a front seat to carry a passenger on a 3-door Hyundai Veloster, or whether you want to fold it down to transport heavy items on a 5-door Hyundai Veloster, it will not be the same procedure, here are the different techniques to do it

Fold down the front seat of a 3-door Hyundai Veloster.

As we explained to you ahead of, whether it’s to get a person in the back seat, or to carry heavy products, knowing how to fold the front seat down from its Hyundai Veloster jest niezbędna. Ta procedura jest dość prosta i according to the year of your Hyundai Veloster the lever to fold down the front seat can be in different locations, oto 3 możliwe miejsca dla tego polecenia:

  • W górnej części oparcia siedzenia w pobliżu zagłówka
  • Z boku siedziska ogólnie na środku oparcia
  • Z boku siedziska na środku siedziska

Activating this lever will completely fold down the front seat back of your Hyundai Veloster and free the seat from its location on the rail that allows you to move the seat forward or backward, this will allow you to save even more space for an easy passenger in the rear.

Key light on Hyundai Veloster stays on

Folding down the front seat of a 5-door Hyundai Veloster

Co się tyczy folding the front seat of a Hyundai Veloster 5-door, the procedure is not similar because since it is not built to receive rear passengers through the front doors, your seats don’t have the same features we just talked about earlier. Folding the front seat of a 5-door Hyundai Veloster will generally only be useful if you want to carry bulky stuff. To do this, you’ll need to użyj sterowania pochylaniem, aby złożyć siedzenia. Depending on the year of your car, it can be in the form of a knob to turn, or a lever to operate to choose the inclination of your car. If you don’t have enough space and want to fold the rear seat of your Hyundai Veloster, don’t be reluctant to consult our short post dedicated to this manipulation.

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