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Jak wymienić żarówkę świateł mijania w moim Infiniti Q60?

Regardless whether it’s for your own safety, for roadworthiness evaluation or for your budget, making sure your headlight bulbs are all the time operational is very important. Actually, bulbs are wearing parts that will obviously burn out after a while and consequently need to be replaced. You’re likely on this website because one of your headlights is burnt out and you’re wondering jak wymienić żarówkę świateł mijania w Twoim Infiniti Q60, we’ve written this article to help you do this operation by yourself and not need to go to your mechanic. To start with ,, we will look at the choice of the low beam bulb for your car and subsequently, how to change the low beam bulb on your Infiniti Q60.

Jak wybrać żarówkę mijania w moim Infiniti Q60?

Zacznijmy nasz artykuł od wybór żarówki świateł mijania w moim Infiniti Q60, you likely already have your set of spare bulbs in the glove compartment of your motor vehicle. Nevertheless, you may have already used your spare bulb and do not want to buy a complete kit. Or maybe you want to increase the power of your headlights and consequently choose a more powerful bulb. When we mention dipped beam light bulbs on your Infiniti Q60, we also refer to H7 bulbs, this is in truth the “technical” name of this bulb. Here are the different kind of bulbs that are available and their pros:

  • Żarówka halogenowa światła mijania Infiniti Q60: This first category of bulb has several pros, they are suitable for all budgets because they are the most accessible bulbs. Halogen low beam bulbs for your car have the advantage of having a powerful and precise beam but usually tend to produce a yellow light that tires the eyes fairly quickly. In addition, they have a short life span and can burn out quite quickly for no reason.
  • Żarówka ksenonowa światła mijania:

    Changing the low beam bulb of your Infiniti Q60 for Xenon is the mid-range choice. In fact, it will offer you a power and a white colour close to LED lighting, but relating to life expectancy, it will be between halogen and Xenon. Same in terms of budget.

  • Żarówka mijania LED:

    Swapping the low beam bulb of your car to LED, there will be several interests to switch to this form of technology for motorists. Indeed, a LED bulb will firstly create a powerful white light that does not tire the eyes, additionally it will have a very long life, you may change Infiniti Q60 before you need to change bulb, at last the energy consumption is very low, a forgotten headlight will have less outcomes than with standard bulbs. Nevertheless, you should know that the purchase price will be more expensive and that on some models you will need an adapter to be able to install them.

Jak wymienić żarówkę mijania w Twoim Infiniti Q60?

Przejdźmy teraz do sekcji, która prawdopodobnie najbardziej Cię interesuje, jak wymienić żarówkę mijania w moim Infiniti Q60, to swap this bulb know that there are not 10,000 ways. Indeed, we will outline the few steps to be carried out, but be aware that on some years or finishes, access to the low beam bulb on your vehicle can be very challenging and will involve the help of a professional:

  • To change a low beam bulb on your Infiniti Q60, you’ll have to open the hood of the bulb.
  • Znajdź właz dostępowy do bloku optycznego
  • Będziesz wtedy musiał wyczyścić dostęp do tego, that’s where it gets challenging on some series, the access is in some cases difficult and making room by removing the elements that interfere may seem too challenging. In most cases, one side is easy and the other is more difficult.
  • Po dotarciu do włazu wystarczy go otworzyć, wyjąć starą żarówkę i wymienić żarówkę światła mijania w samochodzie
  • Nie zapomnij umieścić wszystkiego z powrotem na miejscu, pamiętając, aby umieścić wszystko, co przeniosłeś, aby uzyskać dostęp do bloku reflektorów w samochodzie

Następnie możesz powtórzyć operację po drugiej stronie, jeśli zajdzie taka potrzeba wymień obie żarówki swoich świateł mijania swojego samochodu. If you also need to change your fog lights bulbs to your Infiniti Q60, we have made an article to help you with this procedure.

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