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Jak zdjąć tylne siedzenie Jaguar F-Pace ?

Wanting to handle the small fixes to be made to your car is becoming ever more common. Indeed, the annual budget allocated to a car is considerable, so seeking to service it on your own looks like a good idea. Whether it’s to access your fuel pump, change your seat, wash a stain, or extraordinarily transport voluminous things, some of you are wanting to know how to remove the back seat on Jaguar F-Pace. We will try on this page to give you the different methods depending on the year and series of your Jaguar F-Pace.

How to remove the back seat on Jaguar F-Pace with bolt system

Let’s begin with the first scenario. If you are attempting to find a technique to remove the rear seat of your Jaguar F-Pace which is mounted only by 4 bolts, the procedure is almost certainly the easiest. Indeed, to do this, you just have to unscrew the two nuts at the back of your seat, accessible from your trunk, using a Torx bit. Then unscrew the two nuts at the front of the seat, which are based under the seat at the level of the passenger footwell. This will let you to totally release it from its fasteners and take it off.

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How to remove the back seat Jaguar F-Pace with clip system

Approach now a little more difficult because we tend to be wary of ties that are fixed in force, always afraid to pull too hard and destroy one. How do I remove the back seat of my Jaguar F-Pace that has a clip system? Zazwyczaj te klipsy będą znajdować się pod siedzeniem, zobaczysz je, gdy podniesiesz siedzisko ławki. Te klipsy często składają się z plastikowej części i metalowego żelazka, które się w nich zaciska, aby je zwolnić, musisz nacisnąć plastikową część śrubokrętem i pociągnąć metalową część. W niektórych seriach, jeśli to podejście nie działa, ogólnie pociągnięcie wystarczy, aby je uwolnić.

How to remove the rear seat Jaguar F-Pace with folding system with bolts only at the front

Finally, the last process to remove the rear seat of your Jaguar F-Pace, some years have a folding seat that is not fixed on the rear part, in such a case, it is the quickest solution you can have to realise. You will simply need to przechyl siedzenie do przodu, a uzyskasz dostęp do nakrętek Torx, które przytrzymują je do podwozia pojazdu. Once these nuts are unscrewed, you should be able to remove the rear seat of your Jaguar F-Pace.

That’s it, now you should have all the information you need to remove the rear seat of your car serenely. If you are planning to dismantle other parts like the bumper of your Jaguar F-Pace, we have also made some tutorials to help you in these tasks.

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