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Kiedy wymienić filtr cząstek stałych w Jaguar E-Pace ?

The particle filter is a fairly recent invention that aims to take out harmful particles from the exhaust gases of modern diesels. It has long been seen as the miracle solution to these pollution complications. However, it doesn’t work as well as intended and causes more complications than it resolves, which is why we will see in this article when changing the particulate filter of a Jaguar E-Pace? . To achieve this, first of all, we will find out what the particle filter on your car is utilized for, and then when to replace the particle filter on your Jaguar E-Pace.

What’s the purpose of a Jaguar E-Pace’s particulate filter?

So we start our content page with the rationale to do this element recently integrated into diesel vehicles. As we mentioned briefly in the introduction, the purpose of this filter was to solve the complications of pollution and harmfulness of exhaust gases from Jaguar E-Pace vehicles. Its functioning concept is to store exhaust gases that are unburned or that still contain harmful particles, and when it is at a sufficiently high temperature to trigger a second combustion that will finish burning and eliminate all these carcinogenic particles. Regrettably, to reach this very high engine temperature, you have to be on the highway or have your Jaguar E-Pace engine revving up. So we have realized as time passes that vehicles that are mainly on short trips or in the city do not allow the particulate filter to burn these gases and we will observe in the next part that these complications can force you to replace the particulate filter of your Jaguar E-Pace .

Jaguar E-Pace that dies while driving

When to replace the particulate filter of a Jaguar E-Pace?

In this section we will find out what you are clearly attracted to here, if it is required to replace the particulate filter of a Jaguar E-Pace and if so, when?

Is it required to replace the particulate filter on Jaguar E-Pace?

There are 2 kind of particulate filter for vehicles, a particulate filter with additive, which does not matter the Jaguar E-Pace, but which needs to be recharged every 120, 000km with an additive that enables the regeneration of the particulate filter and therefore to burn all those harmful soot. The second one, the one we are enthusiastic about today, functions with precious metals that will generate a chemical reaction at high temperature and trigger the regeneration of the filter and the evacuation of the carcinogenic materials. However, as explained earlier, it needs very high temperatures, if these are not reached the filter will clog. If the filter is not regenerated manually, drive at high speed for about 20 minutes to reach this temperature and thus regenerate your filter, you zatka go i grozi uszkodzeniem turbosprężarki, zaworu EGR lub silnika. If you need to clean the EGR valve of your Jaguar E-Pace because of your particulate filter, do not think twice to look at our content page on this subject to find out what the procedure is.

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When to replace the particulate filter of a Jaguar E-Pace?

Jak wyjaśniliśmy wcześniej, filtr cząstek stałych ma wystarczyć na całe życie pojazdu, jednak niektórzy z Was mogą się zastanawiać when it is required to replace the particulate filter of its Jaguar E-Pace? Take note that this part is extremely expensive, labor is not the most important issue because it is easy to access. But the part itself will vary enormously in price depending on your motorization, you can still count a range between 700 and 2000€. This replace should just be considered in the case of a completely clogged particle filter. If you don’t regularly take the motorway, we advise you, co miesiąc jechać 10 minut po autostradzie co najmniej 3000 obr/min . Mimo wszystko, obecny filtr cząstek stałych nie został dobrze zaprojektowany i nadal jest kłopotliwy, uważa się, że ze względu na brak dostatecznie częstego wzrostu temperatury i inne komplikacje konstrukcyjne należy zacząć planować wymień filtr cząstek stałych od 200 000 km, jeśli używasz swojego XX, który jest bardziej miejski i trochę większy, jeśli jest mieszany .

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