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Seat stuck Kia Picanto in position

Today we are going to treat a problem that is irritating but not very serious. In truth, as opposed to a leaking injector, or a shaking engine, being a victim of a stuck seat on Kia Picanto is in itself not rather serious. Although it might stop you from being properly installed in your motor vehicle or make your passengers enter through one of the sides of your Kia Picanto, nothing important coming. But we’ll still try to help you unlock the seat. For this, first we will focus on a front seat blocked on Kia Picanto , a następnie, w drugiej części, na tylnym siedzeniu zablokowanym w Twoim pojeździe silnikowym.

Front seat stuck on Kia Picanto

Więc zaczynamy tę wytyczną na the seats stuck on Kia Picanto przez okoliczność przednich siedzeń, że jest to siedzenie kierowcy lub pasażera problem będzie mniej więcej ten sam, skupimy się na dwóch różnych problemach, niemożności złożenia siedzenia, a następnie przesunięcia go do przodu lub do tyłu.

Przyśpieszające wibracje w Kia Picanto 3, co robić ?

Impossible to fold down the front seat of my Kia Picanto


Więc zaczynasz od front seat stuck on Kia Picanto a konkretnie jeśli masz problemy z złóż siedzenie . Take note that in this situation it will be hard to do to solve the problem by yourself. In fact, generally speaking it is the cable of the system that has come out of its guide or that has broken off and in order to access it you have to entirely dismantle the seat of your Kia Picanto. We encourage you either to take this step but it may take you a little while and you may have to replace the whole system, or to go to a specialist who will carry out the service more quickly.

Impossible to move the front seat forward or backward from my Kia Picanto

Druga możliwość front seat stuck on Kia Picanto jest to, że nie możesz już przesuwać go do przodu ani do tyłu. Może to stanowić problem, jeśli chcesz mieć idealną pozycję do jazdy lub jeśli chcesz, aby pasażerowie mieli wystarczająco dużo miejsca.

  • Electric seat blocked Kia Picanto:

    The first thing to verify when you have a power seat locked on Kia Picanto is that your seat slides are free of any objects. If you don’t discover any foreign things, it may unfortunately be the seat motor that is responsible. To begin with, verify if it is well provided with electricity using a manometer and if it is the circumstance, it will probably have to be replaced.

  • Generally in this situation it is only a problem of a foreign body that has positioned itself in one of the two slides of the jammed seat of your Kia Picanto. So verify both slides carefully, even a small subject can block your seat. If this is not the circumstance, verify that the handle used to operate the mechanism is not broken or that the cable has come loose.

Back seat stuck Kia Picanto

Na koniec, w drugiej części naszych wytycznych, skupimy się na a rear seat stuck on your Kia Picanto , surely, the rear seat of your car is not pre-loaded with the same mechanisms as your front seats and the most common concern you may know is not being capable to fold down the rear seat of your Kia Picanto anymore. The most common concern is the opening mechanisms that are based in the headrests. As with the front seats of your Kia Picanto, it is generally a cable that has come out of its rail. Verify whether you can put it back in page by yourself, but generally the access to the mechanism is delicate and will necessitate the call of a specialist. If you have other elements that cause you complications, such as a hood stuck on Kia Picanto, do not hesitate to consult our content page to help you solve it.

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