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20 Medium Length Curly Hairstyles with Bangs—Bright & Beautiful Ideas for 2024

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Curls, they say, are a glimpse into the spirit of adventure. They’re unpredictable, full of bounce, and the right amount of wild. For those with an affection for twists and twirls, medium-length curly hairstyles with bangs are the canvas where fashion meets art. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement, a slice of personality perched atop with pride.

Let’s embark on a journey through these expressive styles, giving each one the spotlight it deserves. Be prepared to meet your new hair muse!

Lush Spirals with Tapered Bangs

Imagine walking through a misty forest, and the softest dew drops cling to the tendrils of the trees. That’s the essence captured in this style. These lush spirals cascade gracefully around the face, with tapered bangs that soften the visage. Perfect for women seeking a balance between elegance and playfulness. The bangs are cut in such a way that they blend seamlessly with the layers, inviting those with shoulder-length hair to explore the versatility of curls.

Voluminous Curls with a Side of Sass

Bounce and body are the soul of this style. The curls are bold, almost defiant, with a side part that lends an air of mystery. For those who carry their confidence like an aura, these voluminous curls whisper side tales of rebellion and passion. The bangs are not just an accessory; they’re a protagonist, framing the face and accentuating natural curls.

Golden Coils with Face-Framing Fringe

Sun-kissed and bold, these golden coils resemble the beautiful chaos of a Renaissance painting. They’re a statement, a natural work of art that requires little effort to style. The fringe flirts with the brows, adding a touch of whimsy to the whole look. For women who embrace their natural beauty, this haircut with bangs is a testament to the allure of authenticity.


Soft Waves with Wispy Bangs

There’s a softness here, a gentle lullaby in the form of waves. They’re not just curls; they’re the memories of ocean whispers, serene and comforting. The wispy bangs are like the gentle side notes in a song, quiet but impactful. This style speaks to those with a love for the understated—a bob with bangs that is as timeless as it is contemporary.

Dynamic Duo: Curly Bob and Balayage

Think of the perfect duet, the harmony between two notes—this curly bob with bangs is just that. Balayage highlights play peek-a-boo among the curls, adding depth and dimension. It’s a style for the innovators, the women who craft their look like a crochet masterpiece, stitch by stitch, curl by curl.

Classic Curls with a Modern Twist

Here, classic meets contemporary. The curls are timeless, each one a nod to the days of vintage glamour. But the bangs, oh the bangs! They’re a modern twist, cut to perfection, allowing bits of hair long to flirt with the idea of being short, yet never fully committing. This style is for the woman who lives at the crossroads of past and present.

Effortlessly Chic Tousled Curls

Some say “effortless” is just a word, but this hairstyle embodies it. The tousled curls look as though they’ve been kissed by a warm, gentle breeze. It’s the kind of hair that moves with you, hair with a life of its own. The bangs are there, but they’re not just there; they’re a natural extension of a style that says, “I woke up like this.”

The Enigmatic Curtain of Curls

What secrets do your curls hide? This style makes one wonder. The curls fall like a curtain, partially revealing, partially concealing. It’s mysterious, it’s enchanting—it’s for the woman whose eyes sparkle with untold stories. The bangs are not just bangs; they’re the veil behind which lies a world of ideas.

A Symphony of Curls and Freckles

Imagine the playful nature of natural curls intermingling with the spirited dance of freckles across sun-kissed skin. This hairstyle is a tribute to the beauty of natural elements coming together—a medley where each curl sings in harmony with the personality of its wearer. It’s natural art in motion, with layers that seem to capture the very essence of a carefree spirit.

The Effortless Chic of Tousled Waves

Next, we encounter a heart-stealing ensemble of tousled waves paired with a fringe that skims the eyebrows, embodying the very essence of an effortless chic. This is the go-to look for the woman who whirls through her day with grace and ease. These shoulder-length tresses offer a versatile canvas for play or sophistication—a nod to the timeless beauty of simplicity.

The Bold and Beautiful Curly Bob

The curly bob with bangs—oh, how it defies convention with its short hair bravado! Each curl pops with personality, and the bangs add a dash of drama. It’s a style that doesn’t whisper but boldly proclaims presence. Ideal for the audacious soul with a taste for the dramatic, this style is all about making statements while keeping the maintenance surprisingly low-key.

The Dreamy Whirls of a Curly Enchantress

Here, the curls swell into a bouncy castle of locks, a fortress of soft spirals that guard a face with a playful sternness. The bangs are not just a feature; they’re a statement of intent—framing the eyes with a curtain of mystery and allure. This hairstyle is an invitation to dream, a gateway to a world where curls are the whimsical paths to follow.

Youthful Spirals with a Vivacious Vibe

The curls here are tight spirals of youth, full of bounce and life. They spiral down with a vibrancy that’s almost palpable, reminiscent of the crochet patterns that weave together family histories. Paired with the purity of a simple cross pendant, it’s a style that tells a story of heritage, personality, and the joy of being young and spirited.

The Poetic Flow of Wavy Elegance

Moving on, we find waves that flow like the verses of a poem, soft and lyrical. The medium length gives these waves a canvas to express their natural curls, while the bangs are like the chorus to this poetic melody. It’s an ode to the women who carry their hair long with pride and elegance, embodying the grace of the natural world.

The Modern Muse with Spirited Curls

In this look, the curls are a fierce statement, a reflection of a modern muse who walks the line between vintage charm and contemporary flair. It’s the haircut with attitude, a mix of bohemian rhapsody and street-smart style, complete with bangs that tease the forehead with a touch of mystery.

The Retro Beat of Curly Melodies

Here we have a hairstyle that beats to the rhythm of retro music, curls that might twirl and spin to a vinyl record’s groove. The bangs are a gentle echo of the past, yet they sit on the brow with a modern edge. It’s perfect for the woman who treasures the past but strides boldly into the future.

Embracing Natural Texture: Effortless Auburn Curls

As we meander through the galleries of style and grace, let’s unveil a portrait of elegance—medium length curls kissed by auburn hues. These natural curls cascade down in a carefree yet composed manner, perfectly framing the visage with light, wispy bangs that playfully dance above the eyebrows. The subtle highlights bring depth to the texture, offering a look that’s as spontaneous as a summer breeze yet sophisticated enough for the grandest of soirées. Ideal for the woman who cherishes her natural curls and seeks a hairstyle that’s both manageable and fashionable. A light mousse can maintain the buoyancy of these locks, making it a top pick for those with a penchant for minimal styling efforts.

Modern Romance: Dark Curls with a Vintage Twist

Turn the page to a modern take on vintage glamour with this next hairstyle. Deep, dark curls envelope the face, softened by a fringe that’s both bold and demure, reminiscent of bygone eras yet utterly current. This style breathes new life into the concept of haircuts with bangs, introducing a fresh narrative that’s both Korean-inspired and universally flattering. The bangs fall just at the eye-line, creating a mysterious allure, while the spirals boast the kind of bounce that’s usually reserved for the silver screen. For the woman who commands attention and enjoys a touch of drama, this look embodies confidence. Use a curl-defining cream to style, and you’re set to captivate.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Chestnut Waves with Personality

Here we have a style that speaks volumes—rich chestnut curls crafted into a medium-length cut that balances edge with elegance. The layers are the silent hero here, adding movement and interest, while the full bangs add a definitive statement. This style is a nod to the crochet hair trend, offering texture and personality. Perfect for the woman who’s not afraid to let her hair do the talking. To maintain the vivacity of these curls, a diffuser will be your ally, ensuring that every strand is charged with life.

The Whimsical Charm: Golden Brown Curls with Lighthearted Fringe

Finally, we arrive at a hairstyle that seems to sing with a lighthearted tune. Soft, golden brown curls shaped into a bob with bangs present a playful yet chic aesthetic. This cut is all about celebrating the spirit of youth and freedom, with curls that gently caress the cheekbones and bangs that flutter with every step. It’s a testament to the beauty of shoulder-length hair that doesn’t try too hard yet achieves so much. With this hairstyle, one can navigate through the day’s adventures with ease and style. A light texturizing spray can help keep these curls lively and ready for whatever the day may bring.

In this journey through curls and bangs, we’ve witnessed a spectrum of styles that celebrate medium length hair. Each style tells its own story, invites its own adventure, and appeals to a facet of feminine allure. The hairstyles showcased serve as a canvas for personal expression, and the bangs act as the brushstroke that defines the artwork.

As we close the curtains on our gallery of hairstyles, I beckon you to share your thoughts, your favorites, or even your own experiences with these beguiling curls. Did one capture the essence of your style, or are you tempted to embark on a new hair journey? Pin your beloved styles to your Pinterest vision board, share them with your friends on social networks, and let the conversation about these delightful dos continue in the comments below.

Embrace the whimsy, the romance, the boldness, and the natural beauty as we redefine what it means to style medium length curly hair with bangs in 2024. Here’s to looking radiant, feeling resplendent, and walking through the world with curls that tell your unique story.

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