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Top 27 Stunning Side Braid Hairstyles to Try in 2024: Bright & Stylish Ideas

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Braids have a unique way of adding flair and intricacy to any look, whether you’re headed to a casual brunch or a glamorous event. This year, side braids are taking center stage, offering an array of styles that can be tailored to any occasion, hair type, or personal preference.

Let’s dive into the world of side braid hairstyles that are sure to turn heads in 2024.

Sleek Charm with Classic Side Cornrows

There’s something timeless about the simplicity and sleekness of cornrows, especially when they cascade to one side. Here, we see how beautifully they frame the face, offering a chic yet easy-to-maintain style. It’s perfect for wedding guests, bringing Korean simplicity to a traditional African hairstyle, blending world styles seamlessly.

The Side-Swept Fishtail for Whimsical Weddings

Elevate your bridesmaid ensemble with a side-swept fishtail braid as seen here. This hairstyle is ideal for medium hair or long hair, giving off a fairytale vibe that is both dreamy and practical for any wedding. Its intricacy whispers tales of ancient styles reimagined for modern formal occasions.

Bold and Beautiful with Feed-In Braids

Making a statement with your hair is as simple as opting for some side feed in braids. Here we see a stunning array of long braids that infuse an urban vibe with classic styling. It’s the perfect mix for someone who embodies the spirit of K-pop while also catering to a formal occasion or a party.

Elegant Swirls for a Sophisticated Soiree

The braids here combine elegance with creativity, resulting in an updo that’s ready for any formal occasion. This style would suit a bride looking for a contemporary twist on the traditional wedding hairstyle. The double braids add an extra layer of finesse to this Afro-centric style.

Modern Bohemian with a Side French Braid

Bringing a touch of Bohemia to the mix, the side French braid here is the go-to for a carefree yet sophisticated look. This hairstyle speaks to the bride with a messy hair vibe who wants to blend romance with spontaneity. It’s also an easy, versatile look for a summer concert or a day at the beach.

Captivating Contrast with Side Cornrows and Curls

Embrace the beauty of duality with a hairstyle that features sleek side cornrows and luxurious curls. As shown here this style caters to the adventurous spirit, suitable for a prom night or a vibrant party. It’s an expressive way to showcase both Afro and curls in one look.

Laid-Back Luxe with Partial Side Braids

Sometimes less is more, and the partial side braids here are a testament to that. They’re ideal for the person who loves a half up half down style but wants to add a bit of edge. This look would fit right in at a school event or a work meeting, offering a touch of K-pop flair without going overboard.

Glamorous Goddess with Side Cornrow Updo

The side cornrow updo here is a regal affair, marrying sophistication with Afro-centric beauty. It’s the epitome of a hairstyle that would shine at a graduation or elevate a bridesmaid’s ensemble, offering a modern take on classic elegance.

Youthful and Trendy with a Side Braid and Waves

Last but not least, here showcases a playful side braid that transitions into beachy waves. It’s perfect for any school event, a day out with friends, or even a casual work environment. This style brings a youthful exuberance that is both easy to achieve and fun to wear.

Lustrous Side Braid with a Playful Twist

Embodying the essence of world styles, this hairstyle marries the effortless chic of beach waves with the intricate art of braiding. The contrast between the smooth braid and the playful waves creates a look that is both sophisticated and spirited, ideal for any occasion. The side braid starts as a French braid, hugging the head’s contour and then cascading into a long, loose plait that whispers of summer breezes and freedom.

The Bold and Beautiful Cornrows

A testament to the beauty of Afro-centric hairstyles, these cornrows make a resounding statement of identity and grace. Designed to mesmerize, they trace the scalp with geometric precision before culminating into a myriad of sleek braids. It’s a hairstyle that speaks volumes about the wearer’s confidence and is as suitable for a formal occasion as it is for a laid-back get-together.

The Classic Side Braid with a Modern Twist

Here’s a style that nods to tradition yet winks at the modern. It starts off with cornrows that seamlessly transition into a single, thick braid. This look marries functionality with elegance, making it a go-to for school or a spontaneous day out with friends. The braid’s robust nature makes it a sturdy companion for all of life’s little adventures.

Sleek Chic Meets Side Braid

The simplicity of this hairstyle is its crowning glory. Beginning with neat, side-parted cornrows, the hair flows into a long braid, suggesting a blend of corporate sleekness and creative flair. It’s the perfect synthesis for the professional who loves to infuse a touch of personality into her work wardrobe.

The Allure of Subtle Side Braids

Subtle yet impactful, this style introduces small side braids into a sea of wavy, flowing locks. It’s a perfect example of how a French braid can add a pinch of enchantment to long hair, transforming a simple down-do into a head-turning style. Whether it’s for a bridesmaid at a wedding or a date night, it’s effortlessly charming.

The Romantic Side Braid

Invoke the spirit of romance with this dreamy side braid, which seems to have been inspired by a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. The braid meanders gracefully, interspersed with curls that fall softly around the shoulders, creating a loose, ethereal look perfect for a bride or a prom queen.

The Edgy Urban Braid

Who says braids can’t be fierce? This look combines the urban edge of a side braid with the rebellious spirit of an under-shave. It’s easy to manage but hard to overlook—a bold choice for the bold at heart. Whether it’s for a concert or a party, this hairstyle will ensure you stand out in the best way possible.

The Elegant Bridesmaid Side Braid

This hairstyle is a poetic ode to elegance, making it perfect for a bridesmaid. The braid, thick and full of volume, is a stunning counterpart to the curls that fall like a cascade down the back. It’s a wedding-worthy hairstyle that’s both functional and fabulous.

The Whimsical Side Braid

Capture the whimsy of bohemian vibes with this intricately braided hairstyle. It’s a delicate balance of braids and curls, merging into a side-swept masterpiece that could grace any prom or graduation ceremony with its presence.

Elegance Woven for Every Occasion

Imagine a hairstyle that carries the essence of romance and the whispers of wedding bells—it’s this side braid. It flows in an intricate French braid along the crown, cascading into a long, loose plait that symbolizes both strength and softness. Perfect for a bridesmaid or a blushing bride, it adds a touch of world styles with its bohemian flair, ideal for a formal occasion or walking down the aisle.

Casual Chic for the Modern Muse

Here’s a hairstyle that speaks to the free spirits—those who adore K-pop vibes or wish to add a Korean twist to their look. The side braid gently weaves through medium hair, half-hidden like a secret. The rest of the hair falls in natural curls, embodying an easy style that’s perfect for a coffee date or a day out with friends.

Bold and Braided: A Statement of Power

This look is a fierce blend of edgy and accessible. Cornrow-like side braids bring an Afro-centric beauty to the forefront, playing up short hair with boldness and attitude. It’s a versatile choice for anyone looking to showcase a bit of personality at a party or make an impact in a creative workplace.

Side Braid Sophistication with a Dash of Drama

For those with a taste for the dramatic, behold this double dose of braided beauty. This side braid begins with French precision and ends in a loose, flowing narrative. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a story on its own, ideal for prom or a grand party entrance.

Effortless Elegance: A Symphony in Style

Envision this: a simple half up half down hairstyle turned extraordinary with a side braid. It’s a symphony of easy, breezy style that resonates with every strand. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or simply dressing up for brunch, this style adds an Indian elegance to long hair, showing off its length while keeping it controlled.

The Romantic Rebel: Loose Curls and Tight Braids

Unleash the romantic rebel within with this combination of messy hair and tight side braids. It’s an homage to the weave of different cultures, perfect for the modern woman who is both fierce and tender. This look is the go-to for a rock concert or an impromptu road trip.

The Whisper of Whimsy: A Side Braid Fairytale

For the dreamers and the hopeless romantics, this whimsical side braid is a fairytale come true. The plait whispers along the side, pairing with curls that flow like a river of gold. It’s easy to fall in love with and easy to wear, making it an enchanting choice for a wedding or a formal occasion.

The Modern-Day Athena: A Braid as Sharp as Wit

Behold a hairstyle fit for a goddess—the modern-day Athena. A sharp, commanding side braid that exudes confidence and class, it’s perfect for the woman who leads the boardroom or shines at a school event. The French braid accentuates medium hair, turning every day into an occasion.

The Beachy Boho Braid: Sun, Sand, and Style

Lastly, let’s breathe in the salty air with this beachy boho braid, a style that sings of summer. The side braid meanders like a beachside pathway, leading to a destination of laid-back beauty. It’s as easy as it gets, fitting for a beach party or a casual day of sun-soaked activities.

From the delicate intricacy of a French braid to the bold statements of cornrows, side braids in 2024 are more than just a trend—they are a personal stamp, a versatile accessory, and a way to pay homage to cultures and eras that have woven their history into every strand.

Each style in our collection tells its own story, waiting to become a part of yours.

Share your thoughts, save these inspirations on Pinterest, and spread the charm of side braids on your social networks.

Embrace the braid, and let it speak your style language.

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