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15 Charming Medium Wavy Hair Styles for Summer: Fresh & Easy Looks

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As the mercury climbs and the days stretch longer, the need for a breezy, chic look becomes as essential as a cool sip of iced lemonade. There’s nothing like finding the perfect summer hairstyle to complement those hot days and spontaneous pool parties.

For those with medium wavy hair, the season becomes a canvas for playful experimentation with styles that evoke a sense of ease and effortless charm.

Let’s dive into the fresh and easy looks that will have you embracing the summer vibes in style.

Twisted Tenderness

Imagine a hairstyle that’s as sweet as a summer sunrise and just as easy to adore. This twisted half-up style crowns the head with a braid that seamlessly integrates into lush, wavy locks. The highlights dance through the waves like sunbeams, creating a dynamic and layered look that feels both casual and put-together. It’s the kind of ‘do that whispers of beach walks and fun-filled pool days.

Boho Chic Twist

Next, we delve into the bohemian realm with this carefree twist. The light and messy bun at the back are reminiscent of a sun-drenched festival scene or a laid-back pool party. With strands that playfully escape the twist, it’s a style that loves to dance in the summer breeze. It’s not just about the look; it’s the feeling of easy, simple beauty that it exudes.

Sweet Scrunchie Ensemble

Now, who can resist the charm of a scrunchie? This hairstyle brings back the playful accessory with a grown-up twist. The hair is pulled back just enough to let those waves cascade freely, a nod to the shoulder length haircuts for women that offer versatility. The scrunchie, soft in color and rich in texture, becomes a statement of both comfort and style.

Velvet Bow Allure

As we talk about accessories, let’s not overlook the elegance of a velvet bow. This style celebrates wavy shoulder length hair with a tie that adds a touch of vintage glamour. It’s a look that’s perfect for a summer evening soiree, where the warm glow of the setting sun kisses your hair, now adorned with a bow that tells a story of nostalgic romance.

Classic Clip Simplicity

For those seeking simple sophistication, a classic clip can do wonders. This hairstyle champions the understated beauty of wavy hair, with a clip that holds it all together in a low-fuss, high-style manner. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most easy and quick solutions can also be the most elegant.

Modern Circle Clasp

This next look captures the essence of modernity with a circular clasp that binds the hair in a loose hold. The dark waves flow underneath, creating a contrast that’s both striking and soft. It’s the kind of style that would turn heads at a pool day gathering or while enjoying an evening with friends.

Scrunchie Love Affair

Returning to the scrunchie, this hairstyle embraces a more relaxed vibe. The tie is loose, allowing for a few strands to frame the face in a gentle caress. It’s perfect for those hot days when you want to look put-together without the fuss. This style says, “Yes, I’m ready for that pool party, but I’m also here to relax.”

Bow-Tied Beauty

Lastly, we have the bow-tied back. This style sings of long summer days, with a fabric bow that adds a flourish of femininity. Whether you’re a guest at a garden party or just enjoying a day out, it’s a look that combines easy charm with a hint of sophistication.

Cascading Pearl Circle

Picture the sun reflecting off a serene ocean, and you’ll have the essence of this hairdo. Pearls, long revered for their elegance, add a touch of grace to the golden locks loosely held by a metallic circle. It’s ideal for those with layered, medium-length hair looking to add a dash of sophistication for a pool party or a summer soirée.

Ivory Bow Charm

Imagine a stroll down a cobblestone street in Paris, your hair caught in the breeze, secured gently with an ivory bow. This look is perfect for those with a frizzy mane seeking a simple yet chic way to keep their waves at bay. It’s a versatile choice, equally fitting for a day exploring outdoor markets or an intimate evening under the stars.

Bohemian Braided Beauty

In every strand of this style, there’s a story of summer adventure. The subtle braid adds a bohemian vibe, ideal for the free-spirited soul searching for a quick easy fix that goes from beach lounging to festival hopping. This look says long summer days and even longer nights.

Forest Green Finesse

A nod to nature’s own hues, this shoulder length style crowned with a forest green scrunchie whispers of woodland escapades and secret garden parties. It’s an ode to the earthy brown tones of your hair, perfectly suited for the woman who carries the mystery of the forest in her gaze and her locks.

Marble Clip Minimalism

Simplicity reigns with this short-to-medium hairstyle, accented with a sleek, marbled clip. This minimalist statement is for the woman who thrives on understated elegance—a quiet reflection of the clarity of summer skies. It’s an ideal pick for a pool day when you want to keep your hair out of the water but still look impeccably put-together.

The High-Volume Pony

For the bold at heart, this long pony speaks of curly confidence and shoulder length prowess. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a declaration of all that is fun and frisky about summer. Whether you’re meeting guests for a casual backyard barbecue or heading out for an impromptu road trip, this style keeps you cool while turning up the heat on style.

Twist and Shout

Here’s to the twist that’ll have you dancing through the summer. This long thick hair spun into a lofty twist tells of tales spun under the summer moon. It’s the epitome of a quick easy updo for the woman whose summer calendar is as filled with surprises as her beach bag.

So, which of these fresh and easy medium wavy hairstyles for summer has caught your fancy?

Will you be the belle of the ball with pearls in your hair, or the life of the party with a ponytail that reaches for the sky? As you let the warm air play with your tresses, remember that each twist, braid, and accessory is a reflection of your unique summer story.

Share your favorite style in the comments, or better yet, pin it to your style board and spread the summer vibe!

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