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18 Summer Hairstyles for Thick Medium Hair – Beautiful Ideas for 2024

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As the warm breezes of summer begin to embrace us, it’s the perfect time to freshen up our style with hairstyles that match the vibrant season. Amidst the array of styles to choose from, those with thick medium hair hold a special place as they offer the versatility and volume needed to make a statement.

In this article, we delve into beautiful and easy ideas to style thick medium hair.

Whether you’re after a quick style for a spontaneous beach day or a casual easy updo for a laid-back barbecue, we’ve got you covered.

Effortless Chic: The Modern Tousle

As the warmth of the summer sun graces us, it’s time to let our hair down with styles that speak of ease yet scream elegance. One such style is the modern tousle, a perfect amalgamation of relaxed vibes and chic aesthetics. This look features a shoulder-length cut with layers that give volume and movement, making it a versatile choice for the beach or the boardroom. Imagine running your fingers through those layers, feeling the texture that’s both easy and elegant. The hair is parted to the side, allowing the waves to cascade naturally, offering an easy, breezy flair that’s quintessential for summer.

Sophisticated Summer Glow: Honeyed Balayage

With the sun playing its tunes, let your hair play along with a honeyed balayage. This summer style for thick medium hair involves painting on a lighter, sun-kissed hue that adds a dimensional easy simple casual elegance to the hair. Each strand seems to have captured a ray of light, making this style an easy yet elegant prom idea. It’s not just about the color; it’s about the story of summer it tells—a tale of golden afternoons and soft, lingering dusks.

Relaxed Elegance: The Scrunchie Twist

Who said summer hairstyles can’t be both casual easy updo shoulder length and stylish? This relaxed half-up, half-down style employs a soft scrunchie to add a pop of personality. It’s an easy homage to the ’90s with a modern twist. The lower half of the hair cascades in gentle waves, suggesting an air of nonchalance perfect for those quick easy summer days or a spontaneous outing with friends.

The Dreamy Updo: Soft Knots and Whispers

In the dance of the summer breeze, a soft knot updo is a poetic gesture. This hairstyle exudes a simple yet dreamy charm, an easy casual updo that’s as light as a feather. The hair is twisted into a loose knot at the nape, a whisper of sophistication for an everyday look or perhaps a simple school function. It’s easy to imagine yourself in a sundress, this hairstyle completing the picture of summer serenity.

Subtle Statement: The Heart Clip Accent

Thick medium hair gets a playful touch with a minimalist heart clip, making for an easy cute and understated style. It’s simple, yet it catches the eye, an accessory that speaks volumes about your attention to detail and a nod to subtle everyday romance. Perfect for days when you want your hair to be more relaxed but with a hint of charm, whether you’re at the office or on a casual easy day out.

Chic Simplicity: The Straightforward Barrette

A sleek, straightforward barrette adds an element of refined simplicity to thick medium hair. It’s a testament to the beauty of easy, no-fuss styling, perfect for a quick morning routine. The hair is styled straight, a canvas of natural elegance, held in place by the barrette—a symbol of both function and fashion.

Vintage Flair: The Ornate Ponytail

Summers are for nostalgia, and what better way to indulge than with an ornate ponytail? This hairstyle brings an air of vintage elegance to thick medium hair. It’s easy to assemble yet looks like a page from a fashion history book, a casual easy updo shoulder length that’s suitable for a high-end event or a fancy dinner. The hair is gathered into a low ponytail, secured with a golden floral clip, harkening back to a time of classic beauty.

Effortlessly Edgy: The Half-Up Fishtail

An effortlessly edgy look that spells easy is the half-up fishtail braid, an easy curly addition to your summer hairstyle repertoire. It’s a laid-back yet trendy style that suits a day at the beach or a casual picnic. The fishtail adds a textured, intricate touch to the otherwise flowing locks, an easy option for those who love a bit of a challenge in their styling routine.

The Boho Braid: A Twist on Tradition

Lastly, embrace your inner bohemian with a twist on the traditional braid. This style is a mélange of easy, casual, and pretty, a relaxed braid that starts at mid-length and ends with a flourish—a soft, fabric hair tie. It’s the epitome of simple and easy, a look that’s perfect for any summer adventure, from festivals to road trips.

Braided Charm with a Twist

For those looking for an elegant prom hairstyle or simply an easy cute option for dinner with friends, this braided creation is a perfect pick. The hair is partially braided at the back, culminating in a metallic bow, giving it a formal yet relaxed look that radiates summer chic. It’s a hairstyle that’s not just visually appealing but also practical, keeping your hair neatly away from your face on those sweltering days.

Luscious Lilac Love

In this image, we have an adorable pair of easy casual pigtails, touched up with a summer vibe thanks to the soft lilac scrunchies. It’s a simple school look that proves that everyday hairstyles can be both quick easy and playful. Perfect for a day out in the city or a casual brunch, this style adds a pop of color and a dash of youthful energy to your ensemble.

Twisted Simplicity

Channeling a quick cute and easy simple casual look, this twisted ponytail brings an effortless elegance to the table. It’s ideal for those greasy hair days when you need a quick and easy fix that looks anything but last-minute. Suitable for both office wear and evening outings, it adds a twist of sophistication to the simplicity of a ponytail.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Here’s a style that sings a bohemian melody. The loose hair is gathered into a low, relaxed bun, creating a casual easy updo shoulder length that’s perfect for a music festival or a beach walk. Its relaxed nature makes it a great choice for those days when you want to keep things easy and casual, with a touch of boho charm.

Elegant Tousle

For a hairstyle that’s both elegant and easy, look no further than this tousled low ponytail. It’s an easy casual option that speaks to the understated elegance of summer evenings. With just a few twists and pins, your hair can exude an air of sophistication suitable for a formal event or a stylish outing.

Minimalist Chic

If you’re pressed for time but still want to look put together, this minimalist chic style is the answer. It’s a quick easy solution for when you want to look effortlessly stylish. The simple knot is suitable for everyday wear, making it a go-to for those who prefer a no-fuss, easy approach to hair styling.

Twirl and Knot

Blending elegance with simplicity, this hairstyle showcases a knot that turns the classic ponytail into a statement piece. It’s a simple school look that can transition seamlessly to a night out, offering a quick and pretty way to change up your style.

Rustic Braid Fusion

This hairstyle features a fusion of braids that create a rustic yet refined look. It’s an easy simple casual style for those who love the intricacy of braids but also seek quick easy options for their busy lives. This look proves that simple can still be striking, ideal for a picnic or a day out exploring the city.

Soft Half-Up, Half-Down

The soft half-up, half-down style captured here is a testament to the easy cute and relaxed nature of summer hairdos. It’s enhanced by a delicate purple bow, adding a subtle touch of color. This style is not only easy to achieve but also versatile, perfect for a casual day or could be dressed up for a prom night.

Summer is the season of simplicity and sunshine, and your hair should reflect that. These styles for thick medium hair are more than just trends; they are narrators of your summer story. So, let your hair down, or tie it up, and let the styles speak your mood. Don’t forget to share these ideas on social networks, and save your favorite looks to Pinterest. Let us know your go-to summer hairstyle in the comments!

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