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20 Adorable Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair: Summer 2024’s Most Fashionable Picks

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As we step into the warm embrace of summer 2024, the air is buzzing with the promise of sunny adventures and the quest for the perfect hairstyle to accompany those memory-making moments.

Whether you’re sipping iced lattes on a café terrace or dancing under the stars at a beach bonfire, the hairstyles we’ve scouted are sure to turn heads and sprinkle a dash of charm on your summer days.

So, let’s braid our way into the season’s trends with the most adorable and fashionable picks for medium-length tresses.

Braided Elegance with a Modern Twist

In this natural symphony of strands, a classic braid meets contemporary flair. The side-swept style weaves hair into a relaxed braid, while loose strands gracefully frame the face, giving off an aura of effortless chic. It’s a look that whispers of romantic strolls through cobblestone streets at dusk.

Boho Chic with a Hint of Ocean Breeze

Here’s a style that’s as breezy as a walk along the shore. The braid cascades down, intertwined with delicate shells, reminiscent of treasures plucked from the sea. This half braided hairstyle is a quick and easy nod to the free-spirited mermaid in all of us, perfect for a day spent with your toes in the sand.

Stellar Braiding for Starry Nights

Dreamy and simple braided, this half-up, half-down creation is dotted with silver stars, suggesting a clear summer night sky. It’s a quick braiding option that adds a touch of whimsy to any evening ensemble. Imagine yourself at an open-air concert, under the stars, with this enchanting style.

Vintage Romance with a Silver Thread

This updo is a masterpiece, featuring a braid wrapped into a low bun, adorned with a silvery ribbon that cascades like a waterfall. It’s a vintage throwback that exudes romance and sophistication, perfect for a summer wedding or an upscale garden party.

Golden Accents in a Sunset Braid

Subtle braids entwined with golden flowers reflect the warm hues of a summer sunset. This hairstyle is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and elegance, fitting for both a casual day out or a special evening event. It’s easy braided elegance at its best.

Casual Glam with Sparkling Charms

In this quick protective style for natural hair, simple twists are elevated with glinting gems, offering a casual yet glamorous look. It’s a style that will carry you from morning coffee runs to impromptu evening gatherings with friends.

Playful Elegance with a Bow

Take a twist on the traditional with this playful braid, secured with a cute metallic bow. This hairstyle speaks of youthful exuberance and fun, ideal for a lively summer festival or a chic barbecue.

Twisted Serenity for Warm Breezes

A simple twist intertwines through wavy locks, creating a serene and simple braided look that’s as easy as a warm summer breeze. It’s the go-to for any woman looking to add a touch of grace to her everyday style.

Tousled Braids for Twilight Parties

A tousled braid tied into a playful bun sets the scene for twilight beach parties and intimate gatherings. This hairstyle is cute, easy, and perfect for those who love a bit of fun in their fashion.

The Sleek Ponytail Braid

This sleek ponytail with a braided detail is the epitome of chic simplicity, merging easy braiding with the practicality needed for those on-the-go days. It’s a polished look for the modern woman making her mark.

Whimsical Side Braid with a Playful Twist

This cute hairstyle captures the essence of summer with a side-swept Dutch braid that cascades into a messy bun, perfect for those who want a simple braided yet playful look. The ash blonde tones shimmer in the sunlight, adding a magical touch to the whimsy of the braid. It’s a go-to for a quick yet fashionable updo that speaks volumes about your fun-loving summer vibe.

Rustic Charm Braid

The rustic beauty of this style lies in its simplicity. A single, thick braid weaves its way down, reminiscent of a quiet country road in the heat of summer. The warm auburn highlights give depth and life to the hair, creating a natural, easy braided look that is effortlessly cute and functional for any casual outing or a day spent picnicking in the fields.

Butterfly Kisses in Your Hair

Invite the charm of nature into your style with this half-up, half-down look that includes small, butterfly clips adorning a loose braid. The golden locks flow like a summer stream, and the butterflies seem to have landed just to add a touch of whimsy. This hairstyle is perfect for those lazy days when you want to look put-together without much effort.

Elegance in the Detail

This heart-stoppingly intricate braid plays with shadows and light, much like the sun playing hide and seek through the leaves. A combination of small and large braids creates an artwork that lies gracefully upon the head, suitable for an elegant summer night out. The dark chocolate strands highlight the meticulous craft of braiding, making it a sophisticated choice for the discerning fashionista.

Silver Strand Summer Braid

A sleek fishtail braid with silver hues gives a nod to the moonlight reflecting on the ocean’s surface. The single braid is a testament to simple braided elegance, perfect for those summer nights when the sea breeze calls for a hairstyle that’s both quick to style and stunning to behold.

Sun-Kissed Braid Crown

This hairstyle crowns you with sun-kissed glory. The braid wraps around the head like a diadem, featuring shades of blonde that capture the summer’s golden hour. It’s an easy and natural choice for a goddess-like look that’s fit for any summer adventure, be it a festival or a sunset cruise.

Tailored Twist Ponytail Braid

Here we have a contemporary twist on the classic ponytail, with a braid that adds a touch of sophistication. The play of light and dark strands creates a visual melody that’s both cute and chic, ideal for a day-to-day look that’s quick to put together yet high on style.

Ponytail with a Twist

This hairstyle brings a fresh perspective to the ponytail with a side braid that ties at the nape, creating a look that’s both sporty and easy. The incorporation of a fabric tie adds a touch of nostalgia, reminding one of the carefree days of youth. It’s a quick and easy braided option for those who are always on the go but still want to maintain a dash of style.

Sculpted Braid Masterpiece

In a celebration of texture and form, this braid is a sculptural masterpiece that wraps around the head, creating an exquisite profile. The blonde hues enhance the three-dimensional aspect of the braid, making it a perfect choice for those looking to make a statement at any summer gathering.

Bohemian Rhapsody Braid

This hairstyle is a bohemian rhapsody, complete with a loose braid that flows freely down the back. Adorned with a colorful scrunchie, it’s a playful yet cute look that sings of summer music festivals and late-night bonfires on the beach.

These braided hairstyles are more than just a trend; they’re a celebration of summer’s spontaneous spirit. Whether you’re dressing up for a summer wedding or dressing down for a day at the beach, there’s a braid for every occasion.

So why wait?

Share these styles on social media, save your favorites to Pinterest, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your go-to summer braid!

Now, go forth and weave some summer magic into your hair!

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