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20 Breathtaking Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair: Beautiful and Trending for 2024

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As the mercury climbs and we shed the layers of spring, our tresses seek a breath of fresh air. Gone are the days of hiding under beanies and scarves—it’s time to let your hair down, or twist it up, in the most voguish ways possible.

I invite you on a pictorial journey through summer’s most enchanting hairstyles for those blessed with lengthy locks.

Get ready to be swept off your feet by these styles that blend whimsy with wearability, perfect for the beach-bound days and sultry nights of 2024.

Sunkissed Twists and Waves

As the sunlight dances through the leaves, so does the warm glow on the perfectly twisted half-up, half-down style. The cascading golden waves, as fluid as the summer breeze, effortlessly spell out the word “vacation”. This hairstyle is not just cute, it’s a statement of carefree elegance. It whispers tales of sunny fields and long, leisurely walks down the beach. Paired with a simple summer dress, this look is the epitome of the season’s casual yet aesthetic charm.

Chic Fishtail Elegance

Imagine a hairstyle that’s as playful as a game of beach volleyball yet refined enough for a high-end summer soiree. That’s the magic spun by this fishtail updo. The intricacy of the braid adds a touch of sophistication, making it an elegant choice for those balmy evenings. With each strand interwoven as beautifully as the stories of summer love, this hairstyle is a canvas of memories. It’s quick to style but leaves a lasting impression, just like those fleeting summer moments.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The boho-chic lover will find solace in this half up half down style crowned with a fabric bow, invoking the spirit of the 70s’ summer of love. The loose waves, kissed by the summer sun, frame the face with a carefree aesthetic that’s as endless as the ocean’s horizon. Whether you’re sitting by a campfire or strolling through a festival, this hairstyle is your companion through the best of summer’s escapades.

Tropical Braid Vibes

Take a plunge into the deep blue with a hairstyle that’s as exotic as the beaches of Bali. The braid, thick and full of texture, is reminiscent of the ropes on a sailor’s ship, navigating through the summer’s adventures. This look is not just simple, it’s a burst of confidence, empowering you to dive into new experiences. Whether you’re snorkeling or sipping a cool drink by the shore, this braid is your passport to tropical paradise.

Golden Hour Glam

As if touched by Midas, this ponytail glimmers with the last rays of the sunset. The twist at the back adds an element of surprise to a classic style, while the clip is the golden seal of easy and cute. It’s a look that can take you from day to night, from the sandy beaches to the cozy bonfires. It’s the hairstyle that celebrates the golden hour, every hour.

Sunset Strands

Nothing says summer like a braid that winds down your back like a stream of sunlight. This hairstyle speaks of late afternoon picnics and spontaneous road trips. With its playful tangles and casual demeanor, it’s a style that doesn’t try too hard yet stands out in the crowd. It’s the ultimate fun in the sun look that says, “Why yes, I did wake up like this.”

Platinum Beach Waves

Feel the salt in your hair and the sun on your skin with these luscious beach waves. The depth of color plays with the light, showing off every shade from the palest platinum to the warmest honey, capturing the essence of the sand and the sea. It’s a casual and easy look that carries the essence of the ocean with you, wherever you go.

Cascading Elegance

The backdrop of your summer might change, but this hairstyle remains a constant companion. The soft braid melts into the waves, like the merging of the day into night. It’s the elegant and fun twist that turns heads and starts conversations. With each wave, you’re not just walking; you’re gliding through the summer air.

Effortlessly Chic Top Knot

Here’s to the mornings spent sipping iced coffee and the afternoons lounging in the backyard. This bun sits atop the head like a crown, turning a simple hairstyle into a statement of understated luxury. The waves that escape the knot tell a story of spontaneity and remind us that sometimes, the best parts of summer are the unplanned ones.

Sun-kissed and Braided

This look captures the free spirit of summer with its playful braids and waves. It’s like carrying the warmth of the sun in your hair, with every twist and turn highlighting the different tones of blonde. It’s a look that celebrates the long days and warm nights, perfect for any summer adventure that calls.

The Floral-Inspired Twist

We embark on our sojourn with a hairstyle that seems plucked straight from a midsummer dream. Behold a mane of shimmering platinum, crowned by a twist that blooms into an intricate rosette. This coiffure, reminiscent of flaxen fields under a cerulean sky, embodies both elegance and ease. A true ode to the florals of summer, it’s a poetic expression for those yearning for a dash of romance.

Braided Elegance by the Shoreline

Sashaying down to the ocean’s edge, the next style captures the essence of Grecian goddesses. A trio of braids weaves a tale along the scalp, converging into a ponytail that cascades like a waterfall of sun-kissed threads. Ideal for a beach wedding or a seaside stroll, it whispers stories of ancient myths and moonlit dances on the sand.

A Bohemian Rhapsody

Next, we encounter a ‘do that sings with bohemian rapture. Brunette hues play host to a braid that encircles the head like a halo, leading to loose waves that speak of wild hearts and windswept cliffs. This style is the perfect companion to summer adventures, a testament to the effortless beauty of the free-spirited.

The Sun-kissed Bow

Now, let’s turn the page to a whimsical chapter. A luscious bow, as though tied by the hands of Apollo himself, sits atop cascading amber waves. This hairstyle is not just cute; it’s the embodiment of casual sophistication and is as easy to wear as it is captivating. Whether you’re gracing a garden party or browsing through street markets, this look will carry you through with a fun flair.

The Moonlit Knot

In the chiaroscuro of twilight, a hairstyle emerges that is as mysterious as the moon’s own path across the heavens. Here, silver tresses are gathered into a knot that hints at the secrets of the night. It’s simple, yes, but charged with an enigmatic beauty that will turn heads at any evening event.

The Streamlined Simplicity

In a celebration of minimalism, behold a straight canvas where strands are lightly twisted away from the face, revealing the serene beauty of the wearer. This is the ideal look for the woman who revels in understated elegance—a simple, yet sophisticated style that compliments the straight lines of modern summer attire.

The Golden Fishtail

As if borrowed from the tales of mermaids, the fishtail braid offers a maritime twist to the long-haired lore. This hairstyle drapes down the back like golden seaweed on the ocean’s current. It’s for the dreamer, the wanderer, the one who finds her peace by the water’s edge.

The Bandana Bound

Picture yourself on Route 66, the desert wind playing with your locks. This casual, bandana-bound style is the epitome of road-trip chic. It’s quick, easy, and speaks to the soul of the boho traveler.

The Blossoming Braid

As summer gardens burst into bloom, so does this half up braid adorned with floral accents. It’s a fun, aesthetic masterpiece that channels the vibrancy of the season’s flora.

The Serpentine Elegance

Our final masterpiece is a serpentine braid that weaves its way through sunlit strands, a symbol of summer’s alluring complexity. This hairstyle is both a marvel of design and a testament to the artistry that can be achieved with long, flowing tresses.

As the sun sets on our exploration of summertime hair artistry, may these images inspire you to weave your own tale of style and enchantment. Embrace the season with strands that reflect the very essence of warmth, light, and the boundless spirit of adventure.

What summer hairstyle will tell your story?

Will you choose the whisper of braids or the statement of a bow? Share your picks, pin your favorites to Pinterest, and let your hair be your canvas this sunny season.

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