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Top 25 Cute & Bright Ideas for Summer Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

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As the sun climbs higher and our calendars fill with beach days and picnics, it’s the perfect time to let your hair down—literally.

But what to do with those luscious locks when the heat is on?

Dive into our collection of summer-ready styles perfect for long, curly hair, and prepare to add a splash of playful chic to your look!

Romantic Tousled Half-Up Bow

Curls half up half down never looked so enchanting. Here, natural curls cascade in a waterfall of golden spirals, while the top section is tied into a gentle bow. It’s an easy, breezy look that whispers of summer romances and sunset strolls. Ideal for a wedding guest hairstyle or a whimsical walk down the promenade.

Bohemian Braided Crown

When the festival season calls, answer with a braid that speaks of music under the open sky and dancing until dawn. Darker roots give way to sun-kissed waves, all crowned with a braid that seamlessly blends into the texture. This style is perfect for those seeking a natural but put-together vibe that moves as freely as you do.

Ethereal Fishtail Braid

The intricacy of a fishtail braid entwined with soft, natural curls creates a look that’s both regal and relaxed. The ash-blond strands are a canvas for summer’s golden touch, and the loose braid adds a touch of formality—ideal for those sunset beach weddings or a refined brunch with friends.

Twist and Shout

For the bold and the beautiful, this twisted take on a ponytail offers an edgy yet elegant statement. Strands of hair are twisted to form a rope-like effect, leading into a cascade of mixed blonde hues that shout mullet in the front, party in the back, but make it fashion. It’s a style that’ll turn heads at any summer soirée.

Bubble Ponytail Paradise

A playful take on the classic ponytail, this ‘bubble’ version introduces fun to functionality. Tied at intervals to create a bubbly effect, the style is punctuated with the lightest natural curls. It’s an easy, quirky twist on a day-to-day look that says summer is not just a season, it’s a state of mind.

Laid-back Luxe Braid

Casual never looked so chic. This side braid, accompanied by loose, beachy waves, gives off an air of effortless style. It’s the kind of look that pairs perfectly with a cozy knit or a school-run outfit, transforming the mundane into the magnificent.

Flower-Infused Braid

Infuse your hair with a touch of nature’s beauty. Here, the braid weaves in harmony with delicate floral accents, presenting a style that’s perfect for a summer wedding or a day spent frolicking in the fields. It’s natural, whimsical, and utterly captivating.

Tousled Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Imagine your hair capturing the golden glow of the sun with a natural cascade of waves, brought together by a playful half-up fishtail braid that adds both whimsy and sophistication to your look. This style is as effortless as a summer’s day and just as delightful. It’s a perfect go-to for a school event or a casual day out.

Enchanted Loose Low Ponytail with Floral Accent

For those who love a touch of fairy-tale romance, this loose and low ponytail adorned with a floral hairpiece whispers stories of garden weddings and elegant prom nights. The silvery hue of the hair adds a modern twist to the updo, making it ideal for a wedding guest or a whimsical evening under the stars.

Luxurious Pull-Through Braid Cascade

A rich, voluminous pull-through braid cascading down like a waterfall of gold embodies a luxurious summer vibe. Ideal for both a glamorous wedding and a casual beach day, it melds sophistication with fun. The braid offers a modern take on classic curls half up half down, providing both beauty and practicality.

Playful Pinned Back Curls with a Twist

Here’s to the easy-breezy days where a natural half twist pinned back sets the stage for luscious curls that dance with the breeze. This hairstyle captures the essence of natural curls, offering an easy and chic way to manage those lovely locks on a wedding day or while enjoying the summer festivals.

Beachy Mermaid Waves with a Braided Crown

Envision yourself walking along the shore, your hair flowing with beachy waves crowned by a braided halo, adorned with pearl-like accents. This look is the epitome of summer, embodying the carefree spirit of the season, perfect for those seeking ideas easy on maintenance but rich in style.

Sun-Kissed Voluminous Braid with Twists

The voluminous braid interlaced with gentle twists offers a sun-kissed look that exudes warmth and joy. It’s a testament to natural curls wedding hairstyles, infusing the laid-back vibe of summer with a hint of elegance, perfect for celebrating love or dancing the night away at a festival.

Ethereal Half-Up Twists with Undone Curls

Soft twists pull back into a half-up style, blending into undulating natural curls that frame the face with a dreamy, ethereal air. Whether for a prom or a casual coffee date, this style is a tribute to wavy haircuts naturally styled, offering versatility and a nod to feminine grace.

Bohemian Rhapsody in Braids and Layers

A bohemian rhapsody plays out in this hairstyle, with its intricate braids melting into layers of curls. It’s a style that speaks to the boho-chic at heart, ideal for both natural curls enthusiasts and those looking for a wedding hairstyle that’s as free-spirited as they are.

Effortlessly Chic: The Loose High Ponytail

Imagine the gentle breeze of a summer’s day playing with a loose high ponytail that dances with every step. The hair is effortlessly pulled back, allowing a few natural strands to frame the face, giving off a vibe that’s both laid-back and pulled together—perfect for a day at the beach or a laid-back gathering with friends.

The Romantic Braid: A Symphony in Hair

It’s a poetic nod to the wedding guest look or a prom night where elegance is key. This style exudes romance and sophistication, a true testament to the versatility of natural curls.

The Summer’s Crown: Twists and Turns of Beauty

Here, curls are given the royal treatment with twists that form a crown atop the head. This updo resonates with the warmth of a summer evening, ideal for a wedding or any special occasion under the stars.

Bohemian Rhapsody: Weave the Flowers In

It’s a style that sings with natural half up half down grace, perfect for a music festival or a spontaneous road trip. The floral accents add a touch of natural beauty, making it a whimsical choice for the free-spirited woman.

Sleek and Modern: The Half-Up Twist

A smooth twist pulls back the natural curls into a half-up style that is both professional and playful. It’s a great way to keep cool during those scorching days, yet still look put-together for a school event or a day in the office.

Cascading Curls: A Vision of Elegance

They flow freely, with layers that give the hair volume and life, making it a perfect choice for a formal gathering or a sophisticated dinner date. The natural curls in this style add a dash of glamor to any summer outfit.

Summer Love: Curls and Twirls

The soft twirls pinned back in a half-up style are enchanting, a fitting choice for a prom or an intimate wedding. The way the curls fall gently down the back suggests a storybook romance that’s come to life.

The Sophisticated Swirl: A Knot to Remember

There’s a sophisticated knot that stands out as a centerpiece. This updo is not only practical for keeping cool during those hot summer nights, but it’s also a trendy pick for the women who wish to add a touch of complexity to their style narrative.

The Playful Pick: Fun with Braids and Layers

The hairstyle is a playful mix of braids and layers, showcasing a mullet-inspired look that’s been updated for the modern woman. It’s an easygoing style that whispers of summer adventures and long, lazy days. The braid adds a fun twist to the natural waves, making it a go-to for an easy yet stylish day out.

Summer is the time to experiment with your hair, to let your natural beauty shine, and to play with styles that reflect the joy of the season. These hairstyles are not just trends; they are expressions of a carefree spirit, an ode to the warmth, and a celebration of your individuality.

So, why not try a new braid, twist, or updo, and see where this summer takes you?

Don’t forget to share your summer hair adventures and spread the inspiration by pinning your favorite styles to Pinterest or sharing on social media.

And as always, we’d love to hear from you—drop a comment on your go-to summer hairstyle!

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